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Hello Welcome to HomespunDolls blog page. I am a self taught doll artist who creates fantasy art dolls. All of my little ones live and work in a little piece of my backyard called Elftown. During their creation they all have their own personal story that is told just for them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Snowball throwing elf

Ohh theres a snowball war and this little elf is more than ready for it. Shes got a pile of snowballs laying beside her and one in her hand. And from that look in her eye I dont think I want to mess with her.

She has a needlefelted head and hair from wool, her mittens and boots are sculpted from clay. Her legs are painted wood and so is the stand. her coat and scarf are made from felt. Her snowballs are little styrofoam balls and she is standing in a bed of polyfil snow. She is 9 3/4 inches tall including the stand

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas baby doll

He is entirely needle felted except for his blanky which is made from felt. he is 9 inches long. My youngest wont look at him as he says hes creepy, and my oldest says there is something def wrong with that baby, lol. I wanted him to be yawning but he seems to be doing more of the open mouth drooly thing.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Big Bad Angel

Normally I decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving but this year I will be decorating my moms house that day and since today all of my clients have the creeping crud I decided to go ahead here at the house. I drug out all of the Christmas stuff and started putting it here and there mostly up out of the dogs reach.

I have a angel I picked up a couple of years ago because I just thought she was the cutest little snow angel I had ever seen. I had her out the past few years and never had a problem. Well we got our english bulldog this year and he hasnt seen this cute angel before.

Needless to say Angus thinks shes is the most dangerous thing in the world. As soon as I put her out he started growling and woofing low and mean. Hes trying to scare this big bad angel off, lol. I got her down and let him sniff her good but he still is not happy with her. He is currently under my feet hiding and woofing softly but threateningly towards this angel. I may have to put her up but I think I will see if he finally comes to ignore her.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Poor Old Sarah new art doll

Poor old Sarah Long, her heart was taken by a hired hand. Her daddy didnt think he was good enough for his little Sarah so he run him out a town. Since then Sarahs been pining away hoping he'll come back. It's been 23 years and she's still waiting. Poor Old Sarah Long.

Sarah is 9 inches tall, she is entirely needle felted her clothing is handsewn.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shadow box with Great Great grandmas lace

I finished a shadowbox I was working on. Inside it are pictures of my grandmother, her mother, her aunt and her grandmother. There is a item that belonged to each of them next to their picture. I used prints of my great great grandmother and great grandmother. My great great aunt lived to be in her 90s also. She helped raise my grandmother, she had no children of her own and went to live with my granma before she passed away about 17 years ago. Im going to give this shadowbox to my grandma for Christmas this year. When she found out what I was doing she got really excited and sent the other items and pictures to me to use. I think she will be pretty tickled.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

elves and penguins

Ive been making these little guys for gifts and to sell, ive sold 8 so far to family. I love making them and hope you enjoy them. I got the idea from a felt penguin tutorial in a craft magazine and thought why couldnt I make one with a needle felted head instead so her is my versions

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I sold 2 dolls, and just about wet my pants ;)

I listed some of my dolls on Etsy and Ebay a several weeks ago. Ive been getting pretty down since they havent had many views and no sells. Then Saturday my Ebay sales ended with a bidder, yep almost peed on myself. I sold my little girl holding her heart, she was shipped out yesterday.
Then today I was going through my dolls and came across a ornament I had entered in a contest that wasnt picked, he is a Santa with beaded arms and legs. I put him on Etsy and listed a new doll on Ebay. When I came back to Etsy he was already sold :) Yep almost peed myself again. SO I do believe I need to make some more ornaments since they are smaller, I can charge less for them. Its picked my spirits up and inspired me which I needed.