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Hello Welcome to HomespunDolls blog page. I am a self taught doll artist who creates fantasy art dolls. All of my little ones live and work in a little piece of my backyard called Elftown. During their creation they all have their own personal story that is told just for them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sprig sister of Twig New art doll

Sprig works at the general store in Elftown with her sister Twig. Sprig is the stores book keeper and is very good at her job. Everytime I visit the store there sits little Sprig with her head bent over the books scratching away with her pen.
Sprig is 6 1/2 inches high sculpted from Prosculpt over a wire armature. Her upper arms, legs and torso are soft wrapped over wire so she is gently posable. Her clothing and hat are handmade from fabric and Mulberry paper.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Twig the elf

I finished Twig last night. She is sculpted from Prosculpt over a wire armature. She is 6 1/4 inches high. She is gently posable.
Twig works at Elftowns General store, or she says she works. From what I noticed on my latest visit to the store, Twig doesnt really do alot of work. She loves to talk and try on new hats and eat lots of candy, but I dont know what work she does. :) Twig is a friendly little girl and she is very kind to all of the elderly elves that come in. Maybe thats Twigs job just to make people feel welcome. If so she is doing her job very well.

Pippa the scientist and explorer

Finished Pippa this week. Pippa is sculpted from Prosculpt over a wire armature, she is gently posable. Pippa is 7 inches high, 9 inches to the top of her hat.

Pippa is a scientist for Elftown. She is always on the lookout for the unusual bug or animal or plant. She must hike through the dangerous woods and near the rushing stream on her hunts. Her job is very important, she helps find new medicines and foods for the towns elves. Pippa loves the outdoors and could not stand to be cooped up inside a stuffy tree all day.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bren the elf a message taker-to-er art doll

In the town of Elftown there is a great need for message taker-to-ers. There are no phones small enough for the little elves to use. So if they must contact someone they must hire a message taker-to-er. Bren is one of the fastest and quickest of them. Bren is 8 years old but she knows her job is very important and she knows the messages are always always very important. She never dallies nor takes the long way, so she is the most sought after taker-to-er in the town.

Bren is sculpted from Prosculpt polymer clay. She is 7 1/2 inches high 9 1/2 to the top of her hat.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Edman the clock worker

Ran into this old boy last night. My alarm clock went kaplooie and I thought I would have to buy a new one. Prill introduced me to the towns local clock worker Edman. Edman is a bit grouchy, but I think I would be too if I had to listen to clocks bonging the hour every hour all day. Especially since none of the clocks are set to the same time. But poor old Edman took care of my clock right quick and I was able to get up on time this morning. He agreed to pose for the pictures if I could bring him some more clock parts as soon as possible.

Edman is sculpted from polymer clay over a wire armature. He is 10 inches high. His clothing is adorned with vintage watch parts and his monacle is made from the the parts as well. His clock station is made from a vintage box and watch parts. He is gently posable.