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Hello Welcome to HomespunDolls blog page. I am a self taught doll artist who creates fantasy art dolls. All of my little ones live and work in a little piece of my backyard called Elftown. During their creation they all have their own personal story that is told just for them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them.
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Edman the clock worker

Ran into this old boy last night. My alarm clock went kaplooie and I thought I would have to buy a new one. Prill introduced me to the towns local clock worker Edman. Edman is a bit grouchy, but I think I would be too if I had to listen to clocks bonging the hour every hour all day. Especially since none of the clocks are set to the same time. But poor old Edman took care of my clock right quick and I was able to get up on time this morning. He agreed to pose for the pictures if I could bring him some more clock parts as soon as possible.

Edman is sculpted from polymer clay over a wire armature. He is 10 inches high. His clothing is adorned with vintage watch parts and his monacle is made from the the parts as well. His clock station is made from a vintage box and watch parts. He is gently posable.

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