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Hello Welcome to HomespunDolls blog page. I am a self taught doll artist who creates fantasy art dolls. All of my little ones live and work in a little piece of my backyard called Elftown. During their creation they all have their own personal story that is told just for them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them.
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Before and after crafting area

Before we took the wall out seperating the two small bedrooms I used a corner of the kitchen table to craft on. My crafting supplies were located in various spaces, such as top of the freezer next to the table, under the table, pantry, utility room, hall closet, bedroom closet, basically anywhere I could find to store them. So evertime I worked on a doll I would have to go all over to dig out my things I needed. I sometimes couldnt find where I stored something so I would then buy more of that thing. Now I have a craft area, all of my supplies have been rounded up and are in the craft area, sigh it is bliss.


  1. Looks great Kim!! It makes it so much nicer to have a space just for you (and your new little family!)