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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little one still has Strep throat

Took my youngest to the doctor on the 14th of this month, Strep throat. He took his zithromax and felt better until yesterday. He started running a fever again and had a sore throat. We went to sick call this morning and the dr said he had a really bad ear infection. But tested him for strep anyway, it came back positive again. So now he has started a new antibiotic which they said should cover the throat and ear. They couldnt believe he was that sick since he was acting fine to them.
My youngest has a crippling disease called Dutch Kentucky syndrome. He was unable to open his mouth due to an extra bone in his jaw until they operated when he was three. He had been on a all liquid diet and his dental care was very limited. By the time they did his surgery almost all of his remaining teeth, yes he was missing teeth from them being pulled out to remove things from his mouth that were stuck like food and toys, were very decayed. He had numerous infected teeth but had never complained. I think this is why he has a high pain tolerance. By the time he complains of pain the infection is very bad. He fractured his jaw at school in 2nd grade did not shed a tear, got stung by yellow jackets 7 times on the play ground in 3rd grade didnt cry. He was even knocked out by a line drive to the forehead and didnt cry. This is scary for us because his hearing is becoming affected by the numerous ear infections he gets and doesnt complain of until the membrane has ruptured.
So it always suprises the doctors when he is sitting there laughing and joking with his strep, or ear infection or tooth ache. This doctor scheduled him for a follow up in 2 weeks and is going to have his hearing tested. Hopefully he will be over the infection and doesnt get it again.

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  1. oh gosh what a hard time, poor kids, I had ear infections as a kid and have some hearing loss as a result and we're only working that out now and I'm 26. Hopefully your children will pipe up when something seems different to them even if he does have a high pain tolerance, good luck with it all.